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VW TDI and Clean Diesel Technology

Fuel Economy and Volkswagen.

Why would I want a Diesel? Is a question we get asked alot here at Jim Ellis VW Marietta. Other questions include isn't it more expensive, slower, smelly and dirty. These are all realistic concerns based on the only Diesel Fuel vehicles that they see, Big 18 Wheeler trucks. But are they true?

(The TDI Touaregs official towing capacity is 7700lbs as you can see it can do more with a bigger hitch )

1. What does TDi mean?

Contrary to popular belief it does not stand for Turbo Diesel Injection, its is in fact Turbo Direct injection. How does that work? Firstly, in Direct Injection engines the fuel injector sprays the atomized fuel directly in to the combustion chamber of the individual cylinder, unlike older models that had the indirect system that required an addition pre-combustion chamber. The Turbo is used to force more air into the chambers and are used to give more power and efficiency.

2. What is Clean Diesel?

(image: the 2.0TDI Clean Diesel Engine)
Diesel as you probably know is a fossil fuel just like Petroleum or Gasoline. It is a heavier and less volatile fuel than Gasoline and is often more efficient with heavy loads. It burns differently from Gasoline and has a higher boiling point which contributes to its efficiency in combustion engines. Clean Diesel or Ultra low sulphur diesel has been the standard fuel in the US auto industry since 2007. The difference? Well to reduce harmful particulate matter the greatly reduce the amount of sulphur from the oil which in turn yields better fuel economy, though this fuel is more expensive to produce as it requires more costly oil.

3. Speed and Performance?

The assumption that Diesel fueled cars will be sluggish cannot be further from the truth these days. The New TDI motors utilize the Turbo to generate terrific Torque from relatively small engines. For example the 2.0 Turbo Gasoline engine featured in the GTi, Volkswagen CC, Eos and New 2013 Beetle Convertible puts out an impressive 207lbs feet of torque. However the Diesel counterpart 2.0TDI featured in the Golf TDi, Jetta TDi, Beetle TDi and the Motortrend Car of the year 2012 & 2013 the Volkswagen Passat TDi has it beat with an incredible 236lbs feet of torque.

Volkswagen even had a VW TDi cup on speed TV that successfully ran for a couple of seasons with all competitors driving the same 2.0 TDI Volkswagen Engine found in the models that you can buy right here at Jim Ellis VW Marietta.

(image: A pack of Clean Diesel Jetta TDi's trying for the championship)

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